What is GSA - General Services Administration?


Over the last 20 years, the Federal Government Contract process had been streamlined and changed tremendously. Their goals are to better and more efficiently serve their customer base with the GSA, and to allow more businesses to obtain a GSA Schedule. This allows a better vehicle and process when obtaining Federal Government contracts. Today, GSA and Multiple Awards Contracts account for over $40 billion in annual purchases and is one of the fastest-growing contract vehicle areas available, and is the most lucrative method to contract businesses with the Federal Government.

Registrations Plus has over 18 years industry experience, with an advisor on staff holding multiple GSA MAS1 Educational Certifications, allowing us to become the most cost-effective and knowledgeable in our industry for all your GSA needs.

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When obtaining a GSA Contract there are details that each client needs to participate in, which is part of our GSA Profile Development for you. Each client has a unique skill set and capabilities that need detailed research to properly submit your application. We handle all the developmental and negotiating for successful and competitive pricing ensuring you align your company with the industry standards.