Terms and Conditions

By selecting these terms and conditions, I am acknowledging that I am the authorized card holder to utilize the above credit card for this SAM Registration Service Purchase. If I am not the authorized user, I am a legally authorized signer on the account. If confirmation is not changed within 24 business hours, then the processing department will process the credit card payment and information as submitted via the online portal order form and any changes needed can be rectified upon speaking with the processing advisor assigned to your registration account, that is what you are authorizing with this order form being completed through the online portal. If confirmation is not made within 24 business hours, I understand that all information that Registrations Plus LLC has received on this order form will submitted as the official order and the given payment method will be charged and any information that needs to be rectified will be done when the processing advisor follows up with me within 24 business hours. I am also attesting that all information is true and correct to the best of my ability. Registrations Plus LLC may email you marketing emails to the address given; you may unsubscribe at any time by opening the unsubscribe link in the email. I understand that this is a SAM Service Purchase and Registrations Plus LLC is the processing firm that will be updating and maintaining my registration services for the specific services I have selected, unless the registration account reflects no maintenance as part of a limited time price point purchase. I understand that I am selecting a bonus value package, and the fee is for the first year of registration service and maintenance selected, and there are no refunds as the bonus years selected in the package selected are bonus years and are free, additional years are an added bonus and are free for the number of years selected for the remaining years, after the first year, in the applicable bonus package selected, so all fees paid are accordingly to your selected services ordered and all additional years of service are free bonus years and are not refundable as the service fee applies for the first year as selected only. There are no partial services as Registrations Plus will service the entire years time selected in the bonus package selected. I understand if I choose to not utilize my chosen bonus package services for the entire term selected, there are no partial refunds for the remaining free bonus years.

Registrations Plus LLC is not affiliated with any government entity. Registrations Plus LLC is the processing firm which processes registrations and provides the optional services of registrations and customer and compliancy services related to the services I have specifically purchased, as any entity can attempt to complete their registration without a firm at no cost through the government SAM website, or assistance can be obtained via APTAC centers, or with the Federal government directly. I also attest that I have fully read, understood, and accept the Terms and Conditions and these Registrations Plus LLC terms and conditions of services purchased. Refund Policy is as stated, we understand that there are times that refunds will be requested.

REFUND POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS given after 7 days. There will be no refunds issued if the registration reflects "Submitted, Processing or Work in progress" status on the sam.gov website, or if Registrations Plus LLC has provided the client with any mandatory letters that have to be completed as required by the federal government to convert active status, as Registrations Plus LLC has already at this stage completed the renewal information in the registration, and the registration may or may not be converted to active status as determined solely by the federal government, and approves the mandatory letter(s). The registrant has to have the letter(s) notarized and mailed to the office designated in the instructions; this is the responsibility of the registrant. If the registrant does not comply with the federal government's terms on any mandatory letters, or additional login requirements, the registrant's registration could be in jeopardy of converting back to an "Inactive" status. Any letters the Federal Government requires is the registrant's responsibility to complete and mail as stated by the Federal Government. As stated on the terms on the SAM . Gov website, the required administrator letter that Registrations Plus LLC will provide all clients, must be notarized and mailed within 30 days of the renewal process beginning date, or the Federal Government may deactivate the registration until they receive and approve any letter(s) they may require. I understand that I must provide these letter(s) that are required and I know that Registrations Plus LLC can not complete them on my behalf, as per the Federal Government requirements the letter(s) must be notarized and received by the Federal Government within the 30 day time frame or my registration may be deactivated by the Federal Government as solely determined by the Federal Government and not Registrations Plus LLC. I understand this is my responsibility to ensure this is complete and correct according to any terms set by the Federal Government. If I fail to complete the letter(s) required by the Federal Government and should my registration be deactivated due to this, I understand that Registrations Plus LLC will assist me in reactivating my account, however will not refund my fee as this is solely the responsibility of the registrant.

If the registrant requests a refund before Registrations Plus LLC has performed any or all of the above services, a full refund will be granted. There are no partial refunds as services are provided the same day the payment is collected, and in accordance with the terms and conditions I have agreed to on the order form I have selected to complete and submit to Registrations Plus LLC. All refund requests must be submitted via email to info@registrationsplus.org by the authorized credit card holder. Refund requests may take up to 90 days after emailed request is received. Registrations Plus LLC reserves the right to choose the method of refund, whether it is via the credit card utilized or via a company check, if the refund request is approved. There may be a 37% cancellation refund fee assessed after the first 24 hours from date of order, at the discretion of Registrations Plus LLC.

By selecting I AGREE TO THESE TERMS, I am stating that I am placing this order with the understanding that all of the terms and conditions apply to my order, and that I have the legal authority to place this order and am accepting responsibility for this order for the above named entity, and I agree, accept and understand the refund policy and all terms and conditions.

Registrations Plus LLC Privacy Policy: Any information that Registrations Plus LLC obtains is solely used for the services that we are hired to execute on your behalf. I provide my electronic signature expressly consenting to receive automated and/or prerecorded telemarketing calls or texts at the phone number I provided above regarding offers and services by or on behalf of Registrations Plus LLC. Registrations Plus LLC is not responsible for the approval process of the registrant's registration acceptance by the federal government. The federal government is the only entity that can approve any SAM registration. The registrant is responsible to provide the correct information to Registrations Plus LLC, for the information required by the federal government for the registrant's registration update/renewal.

Registrations Plus LLC is not responsible for information that is given by the registrant that is incorrect. By accepting these terms and conditions I am stating that I have the authority to place this SAM Registration Service Purchase for the entity on the order I have filled out via the internet and the online portal order that I have submitted and approved.